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How Is It Going?

February 10, 2017 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

This is about the time when many throw in the towel for their 2017 goals. This is certainly true for many when it comes to their Bible Reading Plan. Well, I am here to encourage you to keep on reading. I know that some of you have found a good pattern of reading the Word. I pray that it a fruitful experience for you - instructing heart and mind. However, I know that there are some who have fallen well behind. If you are too far behind, don't worry about catching up. It will most likely just burn you out, and then you will stop altogether. Instead, just turn it into a 13 month Bible Read Through. 

5x5x5 Plan - By now, you have been through Mark and you are currently around Acts 14. Next week, you will pick up with the Jerusalem Council. Paul recieves the Macedonian Call and he and Silas begin their missionary journey together. 

TableTalk Reading Plan - You are in Leviticus 13 and Matthew 26. I know Leviticus can get a bit challenging (currently reading about cleansing laws following leprosy and childbirth). As you read about all that is required in the Law in order to be right with God and have access to the Father, keep those things in your mind as you also read about the passion of Christ at the end of Matthew. You have both Law and Gospel. And you have one Righteous Mediator who is your righteousness and is earning your access to the Father.


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