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Taste and See

March 15, 2017 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

I know at times Bible Reading can just seem like homework, but keep at it. After time, you begin to realize that this is not just a reading assignment, but it is an encounter with the Triune God. The pages of Holy Scripture breathe forth the life-giving and soul-restoring love and truth of God. Taste and See . . . 

5X5X5 Plan - Hebrews 10. You are in for a few days of amazing reading

TableTalk Plan - Deuteronomy 26-27, Mark 15. In the Old Testament, we are being challenged to give/tithe from the firstfruits - the first thing we do and the best things we have. At the same time, we are seeing that all our giving is nothing in comparison to the gift of the Son as we read Mark's account of the crucifixion. 

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