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Heidelberg Catechism - Lord's Day 20

June 23, 2014 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

Posted in: Catechism for the Church

"Many Christians rarely think about the Holy Spirit. God the Father we know about. God the Son we think about all the time. But God the Holy Spirit? It is often true: Traditional conservative Christians know too little about, and cherich too lightly, the person and work of the Holy Spirit . . . We must not forget that the work of the Holy Spirit is first of all to glorify Christ (John 16:14). So whether we realize it onr not, we are very intimately connected with the work of the Spirit, because wherever we are drawn to Christ as Savior, led to worship Christ as Lord, made to behold Christ as glorious, we are being operated on by the Holy Spirit." - Kevin DeYoung. The Good News We Almost Forgot. 103. 

Question 53: What do you believe concerning "The Holy Spirit"?

Answer: First, He, as well as the Father and the Son, is eternal God. Second, He has been given to me personally, so that, by true faith, He makes me share in Christ and all His blessings, comforts me, and remains with me forever.


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