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Heidelberg Catechism- Lord's Day 25

July 28, 2014 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

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"In the sixteenth century, the doctrine of the sacraments was another one of those hot issues. I'd wager a guess that most of us don't think a lot about the sacraments (or ordinances, as they are sometimes called). Sure, there are the high church folks who are always talking about 'their baptism' and Eucharistic this and that. But for nondenominational evangelical Joe the sacraments are terra nova. Many evangelicals see more movie clips in church during the year than they see sacraments. But next to the doctrine of justification by faith alone, the Reformers wrote about the sacraments more than any other issue." Kevin DeYoung. The Good News We Almost Forgot. 123.

Question 65: It is by faith alone that we share in Christ and all His blessings: where then does that faith come from?

Answer: The Holy Spirit produces it in our hearts by the preaching of the holy gospel and confirms it through our use of the holy sacraments.

Question 66: What are the sacraments?

Answer: Sacraments are holy signs and seals for us to see. They were instituted by God so that by our use of them He might make us understand more clearly the promise of the gospel and might put His seal on that promise. And this is God's gospel promise: to forgive our sins and give us eternal life by grace alone because of Christ's one sacrifice finished on the cross. 

Question 67: Are both the Word and the sacraments then intended to focus our faith on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross as the only ground of our salvation?

Answer: Right! In the gospel the Holy Spirit teaches us and through the sacraments He assures us that our entire salvation rests on Christ's sacrifice for us on the cross. 

Question 68: How many sacraments did Christ institute in the New Testament?

Answer: Two: Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

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