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Heidelberg Catechism - Lord's Day 40

November 25, 2014 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

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"The Sixth Commandment prohibits the taking of innocent human life. There are two fundamental reasons for this prohibition: (1) our solidarity with the human race (i.e., love your neighbor as yourself) and (2) the inherent worth and dignity of every human being by virtue of being created in the image fo God (Gen. 1:26-27; 9:5-6). You don't tackle the players wearing your same jersey, and you don't murder the person who wears the same image of God." Kevin DeYoung. The Good News We Almost Forgot. 189.


Question 105: What is God's will for us in the Sixth Commandment?

Answer: I am not to belittle, insult, hate, or murder my neighbor - not by my thoughts, my words, my look or gesture, and certainly not by actual deeds - and I am not to be party to this in others; rather, I am to put away all desire for revenge. I am not to harm or recklessly endanger myself either. Prevention of murder is also why government is armed with the sword. 


Question 106: Does this commandment refer only to killing?

Answer: By forbidding murder, God teaches us that He hates the root of murder: envy, anger, vindication. In God's sight all such are murder. 


Question 107: Is it enought then that we don not kill our neighbor in any such way?

Answer: No. By condemning envy, hatred, and anger, God tells us to love our nieghbors as ourselves, to be patient, peace-loving, gentle, merciful, and friendly to them, to protect them from harm as much as we can, and to do good even to our enemies. 


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