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Heidelberg Catechism - Lord's Day 41

December 1, 2014 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

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"Is there any command more ridiculed in our culture than the Seventh Commandment? Adultery is a joke; homosexuality is a virtue; sex before marriage is the norm; no-fault divorce and remarriage is assumed; bestiality is increasingly considered avante garde. This is the world we live in. Sex has always been a leading vote-getter in the most popular sin contest, but never before in this country has so much sexual deviance been made to look so normal and God's standards made to look so obscene. 

Our lives are awash in sexuality. Sex is on the television, in the movies, in our music, on the side of buses, and in our books. We can hardly avoid it during halftime shows and in glossy close-ups at super-market checkouts. Sex is all around us in the mall, dripping off every beer commercial, and two stories high on our billboards. And of course, sex is on the internet. Pornography and sex-related sites make up 60 percent of daily web traffic. Of internet users in the United States, 40 percent visit porn sites at least once a month, and that number increases to 70 percent when the audience is eighteen-to-thirty-four-year-old males. Among children ages eight to sixteen with internet access, 90 percent have viewed pornography online, and the average age of exposure is eleven. The Seventh Commandment is not just broken in this country; it's being smashed to pieces." - Kevin DeYoung.  The Good News We Almost Forgot. 193.


Question 108: What is God's Will for you in the Seventh Commandment?

Answer: God condemns all unchastity. We should therefore thoroughly detest it and, married or single, live decent and chaste lives.


Question 109: Does God, in this commandment, forbid only such scandalous sins as adultery?

Answer: We are temples of the Holy Spirit, body and soul, and God wants both to be kept clean and holy. That is why He forbids everything which incites unchastity, whether it be actions, looks, talk, thoughts, or desires. 

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