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Worship in the Psalms - Psalm 21

March 6, 2015 by Dan Valentine 0 comments

Posted in: Psalms

Psalm 21:1-13

“For the king trusts in the LORD, and through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved.”

Every man fears. And a king is merely a man who has more about which to fear. Wise kings (and non-kings) allow their insecurities to drive them to a felt need of higher help, and this recognition that their height is limited is the precise place to discern the presence of “the Most High”.

Perhaps it’s hard to imagine a person in power feeling insecure like us. They have wealth, comfort, freedom, and every other thing we think bestows automatic peace and security. But hopefully today that myth is dispelled. Nothing in all this world can truly offer and truly provide peace of mind and heart. No, nothing in this world.

In order to feel and live in the freedom and peace we crave, we need the one who is above this world. We need not a high one like a great king, but rather The Most High One who provides security for all those who trust in him. Kings and non-kings alike.

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